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The Songwriting Charity

Empowering young people and communities through songwriting and music production.

what we do

Established in 2011, the work of the Songwriting Charity is dedicated to the empowerment of young people and communities through the art and craft of songwriting and music production.

Through our programmes we enable young people and communities to make sense of the world in which they live, boosting confidence, self esteem and improving mental health through interaction and participation in songwriting and music making, no matter their level of ability or experience. 


Music technology enables us to ensure music creation is accessible to all.  Everyone can join in, have fun and immerse themselves in music making. We have so much creative fun, experimenting with songwriting styles, genre, rhythm, voice, sound design and at the end of each programme a magical brand new original song has been created. 

make a difference

Stem Hub launches in Kent after we secure initial funding from the Kent Community Foundation and charity donors


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