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Songwriting and music creation out in the community is no different to our work in education settings, the same principles apply - no experience is required, just an open mind and a little bit of courage!  We ensure the environment in which we will work together is a respectful, supportive and nurturing one.


Groups and projects we have worked on include:

- Young Carers' groups music workshops;

- Songwriting workshops for theatre & arts groups working with children and young people with learning disabilities;

- Summer schools aiding transition to secondary school;

- Introducing songwriting to choir groups so they can learn, perform and record their songs together.

We can do everything from jingle writing, lyric and melody writing, ensemble singing, to getting hands on with an array of music tech and software to help you realise your ideas.

how we work in the community

Workshops and projects are usually funded or subsidised through a mixed-economy of grants or donations made by Songwriting Charity partners and private donors. Where funding through the aforementioned sources is not available either because of location, beneficiary group or theme, we will communicate that clearly along with any costs that will need to be met before any workshop(s) are confirmed and booked in. Please note, we will always do our best to find ways to subsidise workshops to keep overall costs as reasonable and low as possible. 

These are the three ways in which we engage with community groups:


one day

A full or half-day songwriting and music production workshop delivered in situ. If  that is not possible then the workshop will

be delivered at a venue provided by us for time required.



For more than one workshop and up to a maximum of six,  we will work with the group to create a workshop schedule with a plan detailing what can be expected during the course of the project.



For groups interested in exploring how we can work in partnership or who have very specific criteria, aims and objectives to achieve and keen to explore this with us, we suggest getting in touch to discuss your ideas further.

COMMUNITY workshop

Please use this form to enquire after our community workshops.  Please provide as much detail about your requirements. 

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Thank you for submitting  your enquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

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