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what we do

helping everyone write songs and make music

The Songwriting Charity started out in 2011 with a simple aim and objective, to address the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people through the art and craft of songwriting and music creation. From the outset we have ensured that every part of the songwriting and music making process has always been accessible, fun and stimulating for everyone participating. 

We deliver themed (e.g. anti-bullying, curriculum, school values) songwriting and music creation workshops in primary, secondary, special schools and community groups across England and Wales. Our workshops are fun and empowering experiences for all who take part, boosting confidence, self esteem and wellbeing through participation. 

Our workshops are inclusive,  safe, supportive and creative learning experience connecting children and young people with creative arts, music and education professionals.

Our Services

L W,  Wrotham Road Primary School

"An interactive, enjoyable and cross-curricular experience that enabled access for alllearners. It was wonderful to see our EAL children accessing the session and especially those who do not speak English in their home. It was also very useful for those children who find it challenging to access the written curriculum. They all really enjoyed it and have discussed the issues that were raised whilst writing the lyrics in a real-world context.”

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