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We write songs, sing and create melodies while we work, sometimes just to alleviate a bit of creative tension, other times to try out some new methods and approaches. For whatever reason we get all kids-from-fame while we work, it always makes us feel good afterwards.


If you are in charge of sourcing and booking in fun and diverting activities for your workplace and like the sound of this, get in touch using the form below. We can work to all budgets and can be flexible in terms of timings. 


We can can run a songwriting and music workshop as part of a team building session, an away-day, or even just a way to help each other explore important issues or themes that colleagues and their employers feel passionate about and want to articulate and express through the wonder of songwriting and music. 


We can help you and your workplace do this in a constructive, informative, fun and stimulating way. 

WORKPLACE workshop

Please use this form to enquire after our Songwriting & Music at Work programme. Please provide as much detail about your requirements and one of our colleagues will get back to you pronto.

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Thank you for submitting  your enquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.

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