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Stem Hub

what is stem hub?

Stem Hub is an online remote music and songwriting project to support the mental health of young people. 


‘Stems’ are parts of a song recording broken down into separate tracks, ready for re-mixing, manipulating and arranging by young people accessing our service. 


Our 'Hub' is a specially created microsite where the music files live. This part of our work is private. These files will be the lyrical and musical output from the actual one-to-one mentoring sessions. 


Stem Hub also provides comprehensive information and guidance, including information on music making apps and opportunities for young people. 



Stem Hub is available on a limited roll out in the Kent and Medway area thanks to funding awarded by the Kent Community Foundation and Songwriting Charity private donors.

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how does stem hub work?

The initial ’meeting space' will be enabled via Zoom or Teams where we’ll make a personalised assessment and a short user-survey. We then create individual programmes tailored specifically to each referral and provide professional music mentoring for a minimum 4-6 months. Not all sessions will be online; depending on a number of factors and if we are all in agreement, we can move to a hybrid method of working. As with all our programmes, flexibility is key.


Who do We Work With?


Stem Hub exists to support young people isolated through the pandemic, individuals who may be struggling with education post-lockdown, or young people lacking confidence and self-belief and for whom music can bring comfort and respite from their worries.


Our colleagues will work in a sensitive, unhurried and methodical way to re-engage young people, helping them learn new skills, focus on developing creative strategies that will enable them to create when feeling down and be able to express thoughts and feelings through song and music. 

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Referral to Stem hub

A referral can be made by parents/carers, schools, local authorities, agencies involved in supporting a young person's education, emotional health and wellbeing or their mental / physical rehabilitation, for example from a brain injury. All parties will meet and agree the way forward together. Where we can we will provide the young person with access to music tech.



We have comprehensive Safeguarding protocols in place and ensure that these are adhered to without exception. Our team all have Enhanced DBS in place and will provide these when requested.  All online sessions will be recorded for safeguarding, evaluation and reporting purposes. These recordings are then deleted once we have completed project and reported to our funders.

Music Recording

information & guidance

Throughout a young person's engagement with Stem Hub they will have the opportunity to experiment with music technology and apps that facilitate music creation. Removing barriers to music making is a key part of our approach. The information we provide will enable individuals to continue creating when their mentoring schedule concludes. We'll always be available to help.


Please use this form to enquire after Stem Hub.

Please provide as much detail about your requirements. 

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