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Working with the Songwriting Charity is quite straightforward. This section should answer any questions you might have about our workshops, size limits, length, distance, costs, or even how to get involved as either a volunteer, freelancer or as a programme/workshop sponsor. 

how many participants?

Ideally, when working in a school setting group size that works best is up to 25 or one class. One day workshops are not suitable nor designed to run for a whole school, they work best to the group sizes we specify. If you have specific requirements, best thing to do is drop us line and talk these through with us. We can adapt or design something that will then bit fit for your purposes.


Where can you work?

We can work anywhere, within reason of course. Ideally a classroom environment. Power, internet connection, as little ambient noise and disruption as possible, all are factors that can dictate the success or otherwise of any workshop but particularly ones like ours that involve performance and recording aspects.If it's an open plan space, how much disruption can we expect? Will others be mindful of our needs for quiet during performance and recording for example? Don't expect happy children and stellar results if you bung us all in a small confined space! Talk to us first. 


one day, half day.....?

Our standard offering is a full or half day in school. Out in the community will depend on the group's meeting times and availability of your community space. We can help you write, record and perform something in an hour if that's what you have available. Or we can work over a longer time-scale if that's something your group is keen on exploring? These can be mornings, afternoons, one-hour, 3 hours a session... up to you and what kind of funds you have in place. 


How much?

We are usually able to offer a subsidised or fully funded workshop. This will depend on whether we have grants, donations or partner sponsorship arrangements in place to cover workshop costs in any given location.  If a group contacts us and we do not have grants or subsidies available they need to consider if workshops can be funded through own budgets. If cost is something you simply cannot bear due to your size for example, then talk to us first. Perhaps we can speak with a potential sponsor. 


Our company would like to sponsor workshops

This will always be music to our ears! If your company would like to help, whether funding workshops for local schools and groups or just committing to sponsoring a programme or a specific project please get in touch with John Quinn via the Let's Chat below. 

Get in Touch

Whatever you want to know, Let's Chat. Leave a contact name and preferred method of contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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