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Support Us

All of our projects are reliant on a mixed economy of funding. Grants, donations, sponsorship and other giving schemes all play an important part in enabling us to work with schools, groups and individuals.


Supporting the songwriting charity is easy to do. 


Keen cyclist, chef, barber, runner, walker, swimmer, writer, artist? Could you turn your hobby, passion or skills into a fundraiser for us? Get in touch.

Sponsor us

We've had some amazing sponsors over the years, in particular music tech companies KORG and Behringer MusicTribe. Could you help us?

Let's Play

Can you spare some time to help deliver 

taster music lessons to young people who might otherwise miss out on such an experience?

Let's Chat

Leave a message, your idea and contact details. We will reply as soon as possible. Doesn't matter how simple or basic, let's talk it through!

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