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Celebrating Rupert Hine at the Ivors Academy Honours

In the realm of music, stories of passion, dedication, and the transformative power of song take centre stage. Recently, our CEO Nathan Timothy attended the Ivors Academy Honours event, where he experienced a profound sense of pride and emotion as the late Rupert Hine, the charity's Patron and friend, was posthumously honoured.

Songwriting Charity CEO, Nathan Timothy with charity Patron, Rupert Hine

The Ivors Academy Honours is a prestigious event that recognises exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the music industry. It celebrates the brilliance of songwriters, composers, producers and people that work hard behind the scenes, paying tribute to their artistry and innovation. This year's event held special meaning for those who eagerly anticipated seeing the late Rupert Hine, the Songwriting Charity's Patron, honoured for his remarkable career.

Nathan Timothy & Fay Hine, Ivors Academy Honours 2023

Entrepreneur and founder of Velorution, Jonathan Cole, took a moment to recall Rupert's other passions outside of music. He fondly remembered Rupert's enthusiasm for and his love of cars. Rupert's curiosity and zest for innovation extended beyond music, and he was often seen exploring the world and embracing the thrill of the open road.

Alan Graham, co-founder of One Click Licensing (OCL) alongside Rupert Hine, stood at the Ivors Academy Honours event as a living testament to the profound partnership he shared with Rupert. Their collaborative journey will have a significant impact on the music industry. Alan Graham, in his speech at the event, shared poignant insights into Rupert Hine's passionate dedication to supporting emerging songwriters and making sure they get compensated fairly for their creative work.

The emotional weight of the evening was further heightened when Rupert Hine's wife, Fay Hine, took the stage to pay a moving tribute to her late husband.

L to R Jonathan Cole, Fay Hine and Alan Graham

As part of her tribute, a poignant song titled "You Can't Be Chased (Until You Run Away)" was played. A composition that beautifully encapsulated the essence of Rupert’s songwriting, production and being. A fitting tribute to a man whose life was dedicated to fostering creativity, embracing innovation, and inspiring the next generation of songwriters.

The award presentation by the legendary songwriter Joan Armatrading was a testament to the event's prestige. It was a night to remember, celebrating creativity, mentorship, and the belief that music has the power to shape the future, all while honouring the legacy of the wonderful Rupert Hine.

Joan Armatrading and Fay Hine, Ivors Academy Honours 2023

Rupert's legacy lives on for us at the Songwriting Charity through the DiiD App platform, a technology he co-founded with Alan Graham. The DiiD experience is fast and efficient for your audience, giving them the ability to Collect, Curate, and Connect to you, in as little as one second, with no middlemen, no data brokers, or social media noise. There are no signups, no personal data, and no ads or trackers to get in between you and your audience. We use DiiD and encourage you to learn more about us and how you can support us by scanning the QR code above on your phone.

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